Thursday, January 20, 2022

Advertise With Us

Celebritieshitz Advertisement

Hello dear, we appriciate you having intrest in Advertising your product or service with us. Education institutions, companies, churches and many other institutions can contact us to place advert on our site or buy a space on our site and your ads are free to show.

We Accept the following Ads;

  1. Banner ads — Rage from (320×100 or 300×600) rectangle or square banner ads.
  2. Advertorial Content (Example: Job placement)
  3. Promotional contents
  4. Sponsor Articles
  5. Page Takeover (Page of your choice)
  6. Video (place in News Articles Example: music video, films via YouTube).


To advertise with us, contact our marketing department for more information and ads placement by Emailing:

By submitting your Advert the following informations are needed;

  • Your full name/Phone number
  • Company name
  • Product description
  • Link to each product or page on your website.

We will be expecting to hear from you soon.