Thursday, January 20, 2022

About Us is a privately-owned dominant News website which was established in the year 2019 to deliver background information, viral information, reports and social media trends by putting together, accurate and up-to-date information for Ghanaians and the worldwide.

In the year 2019, started as Entertainment News website, due to the demands by some of our audience, have expanded to other news niches such as General News, Health News, Education News, opinions among others.

For consistency and day to day delivery, is updated by a team of writers, bloggers, editors and journalists who ensure a harmonious range of news by creating unique contents.

For the uniqueness and trademark of celebritieshitz media brand, has employed a good graphic designer to design its logo, cover images and always designing graphical artworks to better and easily communicate with our readers.

Celebritieshitz has become one of the favourite news portals in Ghana with a web-friendly user interface which was customized by a good web designer and developer. 


The mission of is to create, entertain, and inform our readers by giving them accurate and up-to-date content or news stories to make access to information and interaction with the world easy for them.

Our vision is to satisfied our readers by creating catchy and enjoyable content for them. We also want to be one of the biggest news Portal in Ghana and Africa where other parts of the world can also depend on our information.

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